If you're passionate about growing a real estate business that will allow you to serve at the highest level while providing limitless earning potential but struggle with putting the strategies and structure in place to make maximize your time without increasing your stress, then AGENT EDUCATION: Timeblocking 101 is for you!

Whether You're: 

  • A brand new agent who is eager to get your business going but have no clue where to get started or how to spend your time wisely
  • Already working in your business  and things are going OK but you know that you  need a little extra something to take it to the next level
  • A seasoned agent but the business is wearing you down and you often reach burnout and feel unfulfilled with the quality of your time

You are in the right place and I am going to tell you exactly how Agent Education will give you the structure, tools and unparalleled support  to help you increase your real estate production and quality of your overall life.  

By the end of this program,

you will …


  • Know how to time block and use it effectively to increase production in your real estate business (Instead of doing the same old things and getting the same old results)

  • Stop wasting money on useless materials and be able to Identify the most effective tools to use when time blocking

  • Enhance your personal and professional life by using time as your most profitable commodity. (And no longer have to neglect your family, friends, or personal needs while growing your business)

  • Implement effective  strategies  and techniques to help you identify the important tasks to complete  during money making hours (and the swift kick in the butt to stay focused)

  • Have the structure in place to make more money in your real estate business AND show up for all the other areas of your life (cause lets face it, who wants to be successful but at the expense of the people and things that you love. NOT ME!)

 I picked up so many tools in Agent Education that I use on a consistent basis in my business.  The simple (yet not so simple) method of Time Blocking has been a game changer for me. I now tell my time me where to go, which makes for efficiency and laser focus on revenue-generating activities.  The curriculum in the course, as well as the bonus masterclasses  provided immense value and I would recommend the program to any agent – new or seasoned!  It’s definitely well worth it!

This course was the catalyst to my exit from education this past June!  I am now a full time Realtor in consistent production!  Agent Education has been an incredible investment for me, and I highly recommend it.  You will not be disappointed!



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Words can not describe the value I received from attending Rosemary’s Agent Education Academy! Rosemary is a phenomenal teacher and mentor. She gave us jewels to help grow our business, while being fun and relatable. By the end of course we were all like family.

When taking her class I have been able to immediately put her teachings into practice, and I am currently in the process of closing one of my largest deals using her tools. I encourage all real estate agents to take advantage of her class and she comes highly recommended from her an alumni.  

- Krystle Eastlin,  Realtor


Agent Education Academy has completely changed my business for the better. Gone are the days of feeling completely overwhelmed because I have so much to do and no time to do it.  Since taking this course, I have been so productive and brought on several new clients. I wake up earlier, I know exactly what I need to do for the day and I find myself with even more time to spend with my family because now I know how to tell my time where to go. If you’re thinking about joining Agent Education Academy do it. Invest in yourself… you’re worth it. 

- Jessica San Miguel,  Realtor


Agent Education Academy has been the best investment I have made for my business this far. The productivity in time blocking and systems have already provided results for my business in just 6 weeks. The value you get far exceeds the price of the course. Rosemary shares real experiences, strategies she uses to be successful, and then helps shifts your mindset so you can do it for yourself. I highly recommend this course for whatever stage of your career you are in and want to go to the next level.

- Dawnyse Rivers-Myers,  Realtor


When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


The Complete Time Blocking 101 Program
(A $997 Value)


  • 3 Modules, From Mindset Mastery to Using Your Time Like a Boss

    Master the art of telling your time where to go (so that you are productive and not just busy).

  • Step-by-Step Video Lessons

    We'll take the guesswork out of time blocking so that you have the tools and strategies to win each day.
  • Ready-to-Use Templates

    We're not leaving anything to chance. With these template, you will take action so that you can help more people, be more productive, and make more money.
  • Resource Library

    Success tools at your fingertips. The resource library will provide a variety of materials and links to take your business to the next level.

What’s Inside Time Blocking 101


Module 1

The Fundamentals of Time Blocking

We'll explore what time blocking is and how when used effectively it will drastically improve your production. Time Blocking is NOT the same as scheduling and we will tell you why.

Module Highlights:

  • What is Time Blocking
  • Tools for Time Blocking
  • How to Time Block
  • When to Time Block
  • Time Block with Me (A Look into my Time Blocking Process)
Module 2

Cultivating a Money Mindset

Module Description: Include a few lines of copy to give your prospects a glimpse at the process they’ll follow inside this module to achieve a mini-transformation. Keep this section benefit-driven and describe the big takeaways.

Module Highlights:

  • Set your Standards
  • Stick to your Time Block
  • Money-Making Activities
  • Protect your Money-Making Hours
  • The Pomodoro Method
Module 3

Habits for Success

Module Description: Include a few lines of copy to give your prospects a glimpse at the process they’ll follow inside this module to achieve a mini-transformation. Keep this section benefit-driven and describe the big takeaways.

Module Highlights:

  • Master your Morning
  • Review Often
  • You Owe You
  • Delegate

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Agent Education Academy: Time Blocking 101

Still thinking about it?

Agent Education Academy is PERFECT for you if… 

  • You’re newer to the business and want success so bad that you can taste it but the overwhelm of figuring out what to do and when to do it stresses you out.

  • You have been licensed for a while but have yet to figure out how to consistently generate income that you can depend on instead of a deal here and there. 

  • You’re not running your business, the business is running you. You want to be able to choose who you work with and when you work and not sacrifice the things and people you love for success.

I can’t wait for you to join Time Blocking 101

Currently ranked in the top 1% of realtors in North Dallas, just a few years ago I didn’t think I had what it takes to thrive in this industry.

After teaching for 14 years, I felt like a fish out of water in this new space and struggled to find my stride.

Standing at a crossroads I had to decide if I was going to hang my license and go back to my former career or work to build the strategies and habits required to truly be successful.

Still a teacher at heart, I am excited to share with you EXACTLY what I do each day to serve myself and my clients at the highest level.

If I can do it, there is no doubt in my mind that you can too!


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